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We’ve pulled together some great hospitality career videos to give you an exceptional insight into careers in the hospitality and catering sectors.

General Manager (Hotel)

Jane G is General Manager at the Holiday Inn and Hotel in Guildford. When she was on the graduate training programme at Rank Hotels she enjoyed working in all the different departments, learning to understand how hotels are run.

Operations Manager

David P is the Operations Manager at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Manchester Airport. Originally he didn’t know what to do for a career, so he took up an opportunity to work in a hotel.

Head Chef

Paul is Head Chef at the Coppid Beach hotel. After being expelled from school, he discovered a passion for cooking and has worked his way up through the ranks to run his own kitchen.

Sous Chef

As a shy teenager, Steve wanted to be either a footballer or a chef “‘cos I came from a large family, and I was never allowed in the kitchen, so I was always curious how food was delivered on a plate. He decribes having children as a massive turning point for him and says “In any trade you go to you get knocked back, you make mistakes, but I believe the best way to correct your mistakes is to learn from them”.

Bar Supervisor

Maureen understands the real meaning of team work. She sees it every day in the theatre where she works as bar supervisor, and she knows that if her family hadn’t pulled together as a team her career opportunities would have been limited. Rightly proud of the family she has raised she also values all she has achieved above and beyond her role as mum and housewife. Her unwinding time is when she goes to work.

Executive Head Housekeeper

Lawrence R is Executive Head Housekeeper for Intercontinental Hotel Group. He is a qualified accountant, but he is far too energetic to enjoy sitting behind a desk. He was inspired by a family friend who was in charge of the housekeeping on a cruise ship. He explained it kept him feeling young fit and happy. Lawrence followed his example and now has a job he really enjoys.


Jo initially wanted to work in dentistry after she left school but she quickly became bored with this and went into the hotel industry as a waitress. She talks about the long hours and the need to be flexible to help out in other departments. She would like to travel and work abroad.

Restaurant Manager

Jane is a Restaurant Manager in a 4 star hotel. She talks of the passion you need for the hospitality industry given the hours you need to work (Christmas, New Year etc). She really loved University: ‘it was really brilliant; I recommend it to anybody’.

Reception Supervisor

Eszter heads a team of receptionists at the Coppid Beech Hotel. She initially studied Economics at University but found it dull so after a gap year she changed to Economics of Tourism and Hosptiality Management, on the advice of a friend.

Food and Beverage Manager

Douglas knows that coming out to his parents when he was 18 and leaving accountancy to pursue his interest in Hospitality and Catering have been hugely significant points in his life. Inspired by his mum and his partner, his ethos in life, ‘live hard, work hard’ and his ability to take leaps of faith to pursue his passions, have seen him forge a very successful career.

Catering Team Leader

Michaela S is the Catering Team Leader for two bars in an Intercontinental Hotel. Most of her work is in the evenings, when they’re busy serving food and drink. “It’s fabulous for me because I spend all day with my little girl at home and then I come to work at night and it’s brilliant, she’s just going to bed.”

Assistant Cook

Simone A is an Assistant Cook at Fairstead House School, near Cambridge. After finishing her catering course she and her friends took a flat in London. But even working very long hours she didn’t manage to earn enough to live in London, so she returned home. She now has a young son to provide for.

Reservations Manager

Gillian M is a Reservations Manager for Dakota Hotels. “I always wanted to be in hospitality and throughout school and university my part time jobs were always in restaurants or bars… I wanted to see a different side of and move more into a back of house role, working more on numbers and figures than working with people face to face.”

Catering Team Manager

Boonta M is a Catering Team Leader for a restaurant and club at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Manchester Airport. She started working in the hotel industry in her home country of Thailand. Setting up and running the Sampans restaurant at the hotel has been the highlight of her career so far.

Kitchen Assistant

Rachel didn’t want to get stuck in a rut like people around her so she decided to work abroad. She found PGL online, applied and was offered a job as a kitchen assistant in the south of France. She now works at one of their sites in the UK In the future she wants to be like Gordon Ramsay, but less angry.

Group Catering Manager

Siobhan J, Group Manager, manages the Baxter Storey site at Deutsche Bank in London. She moved from a small town in the Lake District to London after gaining a degree in home economics and has worked in management for several large companies before joining Baxter Storey.

C and B Manager

Jozsef did not attain the points he needed at school to follow the course he wanted so was forced to change direction. He loves his work as Conference Manager as it enables him to do what he’s always been good at – arranging events. He hopes to go home to Hungary and run his own business one day.

Operations Director

Mack A left school at sixteen to pursue a career in the British Army’s catering corps. When Mack left the army at 24 a chance meeting led to a “significant career break” for him as a Catering Manager and even though he “didn’t feel ready for the job” he worked hard and learnt all he could from training courses.

Sales & Events Manager

Louise L is a Sales and Events Manager for Dakota Hotels. “I was a karaoke presenter when I left school and one of my punters, if you like, that used to come up and sing, worked at Hampden [Park in Glasgow] and she said to me, ‘Oh you’d be perfect as my assistant, would you come and work for me?'” So she did, and that’s how she started in marketing and events.

Hotel Receptionist

Mark J is a Receptionist and Trainee Manager for Intercontinental Hotel Group. He originally wanted to work in the media, so he funded a voluntary post at the BBC by working as a waiter. But his money ran out before he got any paid work, so he took the hospitality and catering route for his career and satisfies his passion for the media by writing for a local paper in his spare time.


Geoff is a Concierge and really loves his job as he has always gained fulfilment from dealing with the public. He was an apprentice when he first left school and still looks back on that period of his life with great fondness. Among other things, he ran a pub. He wishes he had listened to his father who told him to chase career rather than money.

Head Bar Tender

Jamie K is Head Bartender at Dakota, “in the space of two years I’ve worked my way from ground level to the head bartender”. He says “there’s opportunities to climb the ladder left, right and centre really. As long as you’re willing to work for them”.

Assistant Housekeeper

Sanju went in to Housekeeping after he was unable to pursue his initial love of cooking following the completion of his hospitality degree in India. He has worked his way up to the position of Assistant Housekeeper.

Chief Executive

Alastair S is the chief executive of Baxter Storey, the UK’s fifth largest contract caterer. After graduating he joined a catering company as trainee and worked his way up to Chief Exec before forming his own company with William Baxter.