Why job board candidates don’t get back to you?

Employers often use job boards to advertise their job vacancies. They see it as a cheaper alternative to using agencies and on the surface, spending around £175 per advert does seem quite reasonable even if it means doing all the response handling, screening and arranging interviews yourself.

Many of our clients tell us that, increasingly when they contact applicants who have applied to their job advert, the following happens;

  • Candidates do not respond to their calls or emails.
  • Candidates agree to be interviewed but then do not turn up.
  • Candidates do turn up for interview, accept the position and then don’t start (without letting the employer know).
  • Candidates apply for positions for which they are clearly not skilled.
  • Hardly any or no applications at all

Here, at Recruit Hospitality, we see this a lot but we’re professional recruiters, so it goes with the turf!

We have a candidate who worked as a Brick Layer 20 years ago and has not worked since. He regularly applies for positions which we have advertised on job boards. This year he has applied for over 20 roles which include; Hotel Accountant, Head Chef, Guest Relations Manager, Hotel General Manager, Artisan Baker, Front of House Manager, Restaurant Manager and Swimming Club Manager. We have tried to contact him on numerous occasions to see how we can best help him to get into the hospitality sector, but he never returns our calls or emails.

So why is this happening?

There are many reasons and I’ll deal with, what I believe to be, the most straightforward ones first;

  • Candidate has had a bad day at work so starts applying for new jobs as soon as they get home. The day after, everything at work is great again so they call off the search.
  • Candidate wants a pay rise (we don’t like asking for money in this country, it’s a British thing!) so applies for the job, attends the interview, gets the offer (paying more than their current role) and tells their boss that they have been offered more money somewhere else. The boss values them and offers them more to stay.
  • Candidates generally upload their cv to a job board when they are actively looking for a position but don’t often delete them when they are no longer on the market – this means that your job advert is often being targeted at people who are not interested!
  • There is a shortage of candidates and the best way to find the right candidate for your business, despite all the technological advances, is to use the “human touch” and that’s something which job boards lack. The primary objective of a job board is to sell advertising, not to fill your job!

The biggest reason, I have found, is something far more sinister (not sure “sinister” is the best word for me to use but I can always edit this when a better word springs to mind) and it’s because the DWP require job seekers who are claiming Job Seekers Allowance / Universal Credit to provide evidence that they have applied for a set number of jobs per week.

Job boards are perfect for job seekers to gain proof (especially Indeed) because they can simply log in a screen shot or download proof that they have been applying for jobs. If they don’t do it then they are sanctioned and lose some or all their JSA.

This is not only unfair on employers, who are having their time wasted, but it’s also unfair on genuine job seekers for whom it causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

I have written to Esther McVey (the Secretary of State for the DWP) about this and suggested they focus on outcomes for job seekers and not stupid targets that achieve nothing and wastes everyone’s time. Esther chose to ignore my letter, not even an acknowledgement – I’ll remember that come the next election!

So, there you have it, that’s why job boards are not working effectively for many employers.

Now for the sales pitch (why waste an opportunity?)

As the owner of a small specialist recruitment agency, it would be a bit daft if I didn’t take this opportunity to push my business! After all, you’ve read this far so maybe you have experienced the problems I have talked about and it’s only fair that I share my thoughts on a solution (which is obviously going to be – use Recruit Hospitality when you need to recruit).

At Recruit Hospitality we do use all the latest gadgets and talent attraction techniques and yes, we do advertise on job boards, but we use all that to compliment our core “people centric” activities. In a nutshell we use the human touch, we still speak with people!

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider coming to us (me) when you need to find the best talent for your hotel or restaurant, rather than paying a job board up front or paying for clicks that don’t get the right people in front of you;

  • You pay nothing to place your vacancy with us. Not a penny! Our fees are only payable on success – no placement, no fee.
  • For the first 12 weeks of the candidate’s employment we offer a rebate guarantee or a free replacement if, in the unlikely event, the candidate should leave.
  • We advertise your vacancies on job boards anyway!
  • Job listings on our own website are indexed by Google For Jobs
  • Our database is full of candidates who have asked us to help them find a new job or just let them know if something that might interest them comes along. One of them might just be the very person you are looking for.
  • We pre-screen and qualify all our candidates, so we get to know what they are looking for in their next role, their motivations, reasons for moving and capabilities.
  • We market your business and your job to the most suitable talent, gain their interest and assess their suitability.
  • We speak to our candidates, yes, we use email etc too but ultimately, we are people who talk with people.
  • We specialise in recruitment for the hospitality sector, that means whatever the job role, if it’s in the hospitality sector, we’ve got it covered; Front of House, Back of House, Executive, Finance and Revenue, Human Resources, Office Support, Sales and Marketing.
  • We’ve over 30 years’ experience behind us so we know a thing or two about how to find, attract and recruit the right people for your hotel or restaurant or helping you to find that perfect career opportunity.

If you’re hiring, we work closely with you to understand your culture, vision and expectations. If you’re searching for a new position, we look for opportunities with the best fit for your experience and talents.

In both cases, our approach enables us to make accurate, lasting placements that are in the best interests of both the client and candidate.

Fancy a chat?

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